10 Best Off-Page SEO Tools for Backlink Building

Off-Page SEO Tools : As we have a tendency to already told you within the post regarding the importance of backlinks for your SEO strategy, they play an important role in gaining positions in Google search engines.

Additionally, to avoid feeding your head, we have a tendency to are aiming to show you a number of the tools to research the backlinks of your web site that you just will use. listen that we have a tendency to are aiming to treat them to indicate to you what all is about:

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Best Off-Page SEO Tool list :

Tools to research the backlinks of your web site or the incoming links of your competition-

  • Ahrefs Site Explorer
  • CognitiveSEO
  • Google Search Console
  • Link Research tools Off-Page SEO Tool
  • Majestic Site Explorer
  • Monitorbacklinks Off-Page SEO Tool
  • Openlinkprofiler
  • Moz link explore
  • Semrush Off-Page SEO Tool
  • Webmeup Off-Page SEO Tool

Tools to research the backlinks of your web site or the incoming links of your competition

Off-Page SEO Tool

1. Ahrefs site Explore:

This tool is paid with a monthly fee or per your wants, they need some terribly competitive plans. In return, it offers US excellent services to research our competition.

You can use it to research the profiles of the incoming links to your web site or to look for noxious links to your web site. Imagine, with the domain of your web site you’ll acquire all the doable data regarding your business.

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Well, Ahrefs site Explore offers you all this:

  • Number of links that time to your web site
  • Types of links
  • Number of distinctive referring domains
  • Most used anchor text
  • Domains that direct the biggest range of links to your web site
  • Outbound links
  • Missing links.

2. CognitiveSEO Off-Page SEO Tool :

This Off-Page SEO tool permits you to try {and do} an investigation of your link profile quickly and simply, though it’s a paid application and not low cost, however, its worth is worthwhile.

It creates terribly simple to interpret reports. Further as analyzing arriving links, management and daily watching of your ranking.

  • Link position
  • Link context
  • AC ranking majestic
  • Inbound links.

This tool is extremely intuitive that shows you during a report and at a look everything you would like to understand to understand well if your backlink strategy goes properly. Tools to research your backlinks and a few which will assist you to analyze your competition.

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3. Google Search Console Off-Page SEO Tool :

Google Search Console is one of the foremost effective Off-Page SEO tools on the market nowadays to research our links. Plus, it’s free.
It lets the US transfer the links from our web site by date and in CSV. which is able to facilitate the US add them to the opposite tools mentioned on top of and see that ar noxious links.

But it not solely lets the US apprehend the links on our web site, however, it’s one amongst the foremost helpful SEO tools we’ve got (for free, of course). If you wish to understand a way to fix technical SEO errors on your web site. Google Search Console can assist you.

4. Link Research tools Off-Page SEO Tool:

This payment Off-Page SEO Tool offers US several terribly helpful functions to research the incoming links to our web site. Among them, we actually like one and for US, it’s the foremost necessity of these that it offers the US. You can apprehend the supply and determine the kind of incoming links to your website: be follow, no follow.
In addition, it additionally offers you the standard link juice of an internet site.

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What is link juice?

“Primarily it’s the authority of the net that links you transmits you. Google positions the websites per the amount of authority and connexion it’s, and this can be achieved through the links we’ve got. And this can be what we have a tendency to decision Link Juice”.

5. Majestic Site Explorer Off-Page SEO Tool:

This application includes a free half and a premium half, that you may want if you wish a deeper analysis of your web site.

The half that you just can just like the most regarding this tool is that the Bulk Backlink Checker. Here you’ll analyze your profile compared to your competition. That is, it’ll take you out:

  • The links of your entire web site.
  • Most used anchor text 301 redirects
  • Remove noxious link networks
  • Identify the weakest backlinks or a really
  • helpful thanks to apprehending your strengths.

6. Monitorbacklinks Off-Page SEO Tool:

This Off-Page SEO Tool or application (also paid) helps the United States of America to quickly and visually analyze the links on our web site. It monitors in real-time, which might be terribly helpful to the United States of America.

That is, if an internet site of our competition loses a link, or we have a tendency to ourselves win one, it’ll send word United States of America via email. If this can be what you wish, Monitorcacklinks is yours.

7. Openlinkprofiler Off-Page SEO Tool:

This Off-Page SEO Tool is totally free. What are you able to bring us?

It seems that this Off-Page SEO Tool filters the backlinks we’ve and classifies them for quality and tones to observe them at a look. And so we will solely keep those that extremely facilitate our strategy.

8. Moz link explorer Off-Page SEO Tool:

This tool, like Majestic, contains a free half and a premium half. Moz could be a terribly useful gizmo that analyzes your web site and advises you the way to enhance it to realize higher results. Among its several functions we’ve Link person, it’ll facilitate the United States of America to create an associate SEO benchmark with relation to our competition.

What is Moz link explorer?

Benchmarketing is especially to investigate the competition to enhance our strategy as a corporation and differentiate ourselves within the sector. Eye! repeating your competition isn’t benchmarking, the target of this can be to find out to require advantage of ourselves and benefit from our competitive advantage. But we are going to name it later, during which we will go a lot deeper.

9. Semrush Off-Page SEO Tool:

For every trafficker, Semrush is that the tool par excellence. Analyze your web site, that of your competition which of your shoppers. What a lot of might you raise for?

As it seems, additionally to serving to you recognize the web sites that the majority link to your website, it additionally helps you to grasp keywords that you just can be wasting for your SEO strategy.

That’s to say: Keywords that bring traffic from Google search results. Keywords that are well-positioned. People who are losing positions, or people who are gaining positions and our favorite possibility. It provides you suggestions for longtail keywords and adapts to the search intent of your users.

10. Webmeup Off-Page SEO Tool:

This SEO tool is extremely attention-grabbing. It permits you to judge the profile of the links on your web site and so grasp that of those links is swing your SEO positioning in danger. As you’ll see, you have got endless tools to investigate your website’s backlinks and so improve your SEO positioning offline.


Off-Page SEO Tools are available in bulk in the market some Off-Page SEO Tools are free to use and some Off-Page SEO Tools are paid. But if you make use of the free trail of Off-Page SEO Tools then you can save a lot of money.

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