7 Life Changing Books That You Need to Read

Life Changing Book : You can know about the whole world in a few pages. Books are magic. They know and change everything. Below are a few of my favorite life-changing books which will alter the way you think. Also Read Best Investment books 2020 That You Need To Read.

So here are 7 such life-changing books that stay with us much after we have read them. Read on!

1. Mindset: The new psychology of success by Carol Dweck

Life Changing Book

According to Carol Dweck, a world-renowned Stanford psychologist, there are two mindsets you can navigate your life with- a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. This book will teach you the importance of the former if you want to achieve success in life. This is indeed a Life Changing Book.

2. The Long Walk by Stephen King

Life Changing Book

This book takes place in a future dystopia where the participants compete in a walking race. If someone stops walking or walks too slow, they get shot. This existential fiction is perceived as a metaphor for life itself and how we push beyond sanity to sustain the value of life. This is indeed a Life Changing Book.

3. Zen and the Article of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

Best Life Changing Books

“The only Zen you find on the top of the mountains is the Zen you bring up there.”

This brilliant book is a classic dovetail of psychology, travel, and philosophy. This book will make you think about life and its importance. This is indeed a Life Changing Book.

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4. Start with Why by Simon Sinek

the Life Changing Book

Your “why” is your purpose. It is the reason you find a way. This life-changing book tells you to do the work that inspires you giving real-life examples of successful people. This is indeed a Life Changing Book.

5. The Buddha said… – Meeting the Challenge of Life’s Difficulties by Osha

Life Changing Book top

“If you cannot trust life, who are you going to trust?”

This book is a great read when you’re looking for some peace. The book uses humorous anecdotes to talk about important topics like ‘why are we always worried?’, ‘what to run after’ and ‘what to ignore in life’. This is indeed a Life Changing Book.

6. Quiet by Susan Cain

Life Changing Book

This book is extremely relatable if you’re an introvert. This book delves into ‘why there is nothing wrong with being an introvert’, and how being yourself is a power. This is surely a Life Changing Book.

7. Influence by Robert B. Cialdini

Life Changing Book

Get ready to change the way you think about life, business, relationships, and people’s intentions. This book will tell you about the ‘art of persuasion’ and how people use it.


There are some books that entertain, some that inform or stir-up our emotions. And then there are some other books which speak directly to our soul – reading them makes us think, question, change our beliefs and perspective, and they even change our life.

Which book changed your life? Tell me in the comments.

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