Adobe Marketing Cloud -cost and capabilities

Adobe Marketing Cloud : Usually the pricing models take the form of a cut of your spending through the cloud services, or a figure based on the number of server hits. The license costs $450,000 on average alone.

Implementation and consulting costs are not included in this figure; these can also reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Adobe Experience Cloud (Adobe Marketing Cloud) is very comprehensive, consisting of three service groups: Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Analytics Cloud. Each of these contains a number of different products, each with their own pricing system.

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AdobeMarketingCloud encompasses technologies that help you manage the customer experience:

  • Adobe Experience Manager helps you manage your content, include media assets and forms, across different devices.
  • Adobe Campaign helps you segment and personalize the user experience.
  • Adobe Target adds AB testing to the personalization services already available in the marketing cloud.
  • Adobe Primetime helps you with your TV advertising.
  • Social Integration helps you with social content, advertising and re-targeting.

Advertising Cloud encompasses a group of services for improving your ad spend:

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Analytics Cloud encompasses the tools that help you manage and analyse your data:

  • Adobe Analytics lets you organize, segment and analyze customer data across different touchpoints.
  • Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform that lets you build audience profiles to use in your analytics.

Most realistic estimates suggest that Adobe Marketing Cloud requires an initial investment of $50,000 to even get access to some of services on offer. You are paying a premium for a brand Adobe Marketing Cloud name. Adobe Experience Cloud services are intended for large-scale commercial use by firms with large marketing budgets, and even then their ROI is somewhat questionable.

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If you’re looking for a personalized relationship with Adobe Marketing Cloud, you might have to keep looking; if you aren’t a large firm you won’t even be assigned a dedicated Account Executive.

Marketers need sign-off from the very top before they can push through marketing campaigns with any Experience Adobe Marketing Cloud services. They need to persist through a long and costly implementation period, and they often need to undertake hours and hours of training before using the Adobe Marketing Cloud software.

Pricing Pre-work of Adobe Marketing Cloud

To start the pricing conversation with Adobe, some pre-work needs to be done by you (and client) before you ever engage with the sales team.  Each solution is priced differently, requiring some product-specific information gathering. Here’s a good starting point:

Analytics:  Number of server calls per year.  Page views is a good proxy (also include mobile SDK usage and secondary server calls for multiple report suites).

Target:  Server calls per year. Number of page views per year is a good proxy (also include mobile SDK usage and secondary call usage (like email integration)).

Campaign: of active contact records, they don’t charge CPM. It is also product tiered (Standard/Premium/Ultimate)*

*Adobe has gone through more name changes than P. Diddy.  -me

Media Optimizer:  % of spend display, search and social.  CRM for Dynamic Creative Optimization (number of records).  Per click charged for click tracking on non-managed channels (redirects from emails, search engines, etc. – for attribution tracking)

Audience Manager: based on events (page views, log ingestion events, CRM ingestion events, etc)

Social: Price based on number of social profiles (Facebook accounts and twitter handles) and users of the solution (seats).

Adobe Marketing Cloud AEM Sites (On-premise)

  • number of content authors
  • page views per day (if there are peaks that we should be concern about)
  • Page caching level (usually 95% and higher)
  • Require Commerce Framework or connector
  • Require Multi-site manager – charged for Author only

AEM Assets Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • number of asset users / workflow users
  • number of assets being working on or changed daily
  • Is there a need for Branding portal  – SAAS offering
  • Is there a need for Asset Share – publish instance required
  • Dynamic Media or S7 – SAAS by monthly server calls
  • InDesign Server – catalog producer or InDesign manipulation

AEM Communities

  • Number of instances to support the volume
  • For Enablement Module – number of users

AEM Forms – licensed by CPU Core

  • Number of transaction per day
  • Complexity of the form

AEM Mobile

  • Use cases (1-3 apps; department solution; enterprise solution)

For AEM Managed Services, also consider:

  • SLA – 99.5% (basic), or 99.99% (BIG price difference here. Choose wisely based on your client’s needs)
  • Amount of storage requirement – primary for AEM Assets
  • Additional environments – dev, test, …
  • Additional backup requirements
  • Additional network I/O
  • Additional CDN (Cloudfront) storage
  • Additional CEE hours – for the managed services staff

Don’t forget to allocate a bucket of consulting hours for potential engagement of Adobe Professional Services for provisioning, setup, and guidance.  That’s a nice way of saying, “Don’t F it up.”

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