Best Alternatives for Tesla Electric Cars in 2021

Alternatives for Tesla : What are the best Tesla car alternatives?

As of today, Tesla is the best selling electric car automaker in North America and Europe. Their highest volume vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y, provide buyers a clean alternative to traditional gas-burning luxury cars. Some of the legacy OEMs have released their attempt at a compelling electric vehicle (EV), however, none have truly come close to Tesla.

Nevertheless, some buyers are interested in EVs, just not Tesla. Whether it is build quality that has surfaced in the news every once in a while or need for a cheaper EV alternative, some individuals look to the legacy carmakers instead for their EV purchase. 

Model S Alternatives for Tesla

Full Electric – None yet. Porsche Mission E suppose to come by 2020

Mercedes announce they will make their all EV car w/ new brand. Haven’t reveal what it is yet.

PHEV Alternatives for Tesla –

Mercedes S550 PHEV. all ev range around 30km, next year face lift should provide up to 50km EV range. far better interior than model S. Engine is whisper quiet

Porsche Panamera e-Hybird. All Ev range around 51km. Model just updated. Seriously good engine and nicer design.

BMW i8 Alternative for Tesla

EV range around 20–30km. Expect more after facelift next year. this car looks like it came from the future!! Saw one of them in the street of istanbul, looks like it is from the future. Design is good for the next 30–40 years. the 3-cylinder engine sounds a lot better than a lot V8s and straight 6s.

Alternatives for Tesla

Model X

Full Electric – None yet

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BMW X5 eDrive Alternatives for Tesla

Around 30km EV range. nice engine. they should put more batteries on the floor plan but i guess they don’t want to make it too heavy.

Alternatives for Tesla

Model 3

A lot more contenders here as the price range is affordable to the top 10%. Plus consider alternatives as the model 3 will take quite to acquire.

Full electric –

Chevy Bolt. 300+ km range. The tesla looks nicer. But at least this one available today instead of 2020+

BMW i3 – Alternatives for Tesla : they just updated the batter to be 50% more than last year model. news from the grapevine says that next year facelift will have even more battery power which provides range upto 400km+. The design is a bit strange, but it really showcase BMW automotive technology prowess. I think the used market is around $20–25k in the USA today

Alternatives for Tesla

Mercedes B-class. no fast charging option Alternatives for Tesla.

Volkswagen e-Golf: around 130–160km range. built from their golf-platform. they also announce that their will produce a new EV from the ground up (looks like from golf) by 2020 w/ range upto 300–400km range. The design will certainly change from the concept (pictured), but overall, looks gorgeous.

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Alternatives for Tesla


BMW 330e – around 30–40km EV range. sporty drive

Mercedes 300e – around 30–40km EV range. really nice and classy interior.


Going cross-country / out of comfort zone. it is good to know that you can re-charge your car when you decided to go for a road trip

ChargePoint – over 60k stations (including tesla supercharger network) in the USA.

Plugshare – It’s a map of charging stations around the world. It shows that Japan has a lot of charging stations. In fact more than gas stations. which is impressive.


I like Tesla as a car company, their car design is great. I love their attention to detail that is given to their cars especially the model S. That being said, I wish that they would up the interior to compete on level of luxury. Especially when you are paying over 100 grand for a car, you expect the car would be a little more luxurious.

It’s great to have a car company that is changing the conversation on the drive train + fuel source of a car. Tesla won’t be going to be the giant car company like GM in the next 10 years of so, but it’s a pleasure the see that traditional car companies are changing direction from fossil-fuel powered to renewable energy powered car in the future.


There you have it: the top 10 Tesla alternative electric cars. Just one year ago, this list would be cut down in half. Each and every year carmakers are releasing more and more EVs. 

Fortunately, these EVs are no longer just compliance cars meeting EPA regulations. Instead, Alternatives for Tesla electric cars are sold at appropriate price points with decent range and charging speeds. Additionally, there are many options to choose Alternatives for Tesla from whether luxury or non-luxury as well as hatchback, or crossover, or SUV. 

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