Best Indian Stocks for 2022

Best Indian Stocks for 2022 : Whenever the market falls, investors take it as an opportunity to buy Good fundamental stocks and it’s always the best thing to accumulate fundamentally good stocks. If I use my knowledge and experience, I don’t expect more downside from here.

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If you are looking for stocks for good returns and have peace of mind then always go with fundamentally strong stocks.

Fundamentally strong stocks will help you create a portfolio with great returns in long term with peace of mind.

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Framework to pick up winning stocks for 2022

  1. Large Growing Market: The market size must be growing in which a company operates, a saturated market may result in low growth or shrinking market may result in degrowth and hence loss company revenue and ultimately shareholder wealth.
  2. Strong Defensible Business Model: A company which has created its moat by differentiating itself from competition creates barriers of entry. This moat allows a company to get better with time.
  3. Good Corporate governance: This is very important, the company’s management must be fair and then it will be able to be fair to shareholders.
  4. Management’s vision: A good management having a futuristic vision fosters culture of innovation due to which a company continue to grow and build for future.

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How to check fundamentally strong stocks?

  • Strong cash flows.
  • Sound management.
  • Better business opportunities in the future.
  • Better year-on-year results.
  • Market leaders.

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Best Indian Stocks for 2022

Here is a list of Best Indian Stocks for 2022 that you can choose from. The Best Indian Stocks for 2022 are divided by different categories that it make it extremely easy for you to choose Best Indian Stocks for 2022. Open Free Zerodha Account Today : Zerodha Open Demat Account Link

Best Indian Stocks for 2022

Aggressive high growth shares

Sustainable growth shares

  • 1. Asian Paint
  • 2. Pidilite
  • 3. TIMKEN

Retirement shares

  • 1. HDFC life
  • 2. ICICI Lombard
  • 3. SBI Life
  • 4. SBI Cards
  • 5. IRCTC

Top Performer and outstanding bank

  • 1. Hdfc bank
  • 2. Kotak Mahindra bank

Best Cement large-cap share

  • 1. Ultratech
  • 2. JK cement

Consistent shares (less risky)

  • 1. HUL
  • 2. COLPAL
  • 3. Nestle
  • 4. ITC

Best MNC and Pharma shares

  • 1. Abbott
  • 2. PGHL

Best Automobile shares

  • 1. Maruti
  • 2. HeroMoto
  • 3. Bajaj Auto

Rising Star

  • 1. PI industries
  • 2. Titan
  • 3. ACE

Evergreen Performer

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Although, it’s hard to take stocks and don’t look for 15 years. We need to develop skills to monitor and position our stocks according to conditions to make good returns. Open Free Zerodha Account Today : Zerodha Open Demat Account Link

Anyone who invests in these companies proportionally and remains invested for a decade is bound to gain financial independence after around 15 years of holding period. This also is one of the most simplest ways to invest and that is to pick only the companies which are themselves financially independent to begin with. Open Free Zerodha Account Today : Zerodha Open Demat Account Link


In this article, top 10 best stocks for long term investment in India 2022 we have seen which stock is good for long term investment in India. Year 2021-2022 are the best years for investment in Indian stock market as India’s market is growing at the faster pace. You may also have noticed that in-spite of global slowdown, you may see the stock market is rising and the Indian stocks are giving good returns year on year.

If you intend from best Indian stocks to buy for long term investment with above sector and above allocation method, then you can expect to earn returns of around 2,000% to with best Indian stocks for next 10 years investment which is descent. If you plan to retire in next 20 years then you can expect to earn more than 51,000% returns, which is really awesome and top of the world and you can live your life happily for couple of centuries post retirement.

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Disclaimer : Please consult your financial adviser before taking any finance related calls and take this write up for informational purpose only.

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