16 Best Korean Dramas Everyone should watch.

I would recommend the kind of drama that would affect you greatly; you see I am a sucker for dramas that make me emotionally involved.. I am easily hooked on dramas like that.. Because when you empathize & get into a drama that’s when it becomes memorable and very enjoyable.

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Best Korean Dramas

Best Korean Dramas list :

  1. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God – After nine centuries of watching his loved ones die an immortal man just wants to die too but prophesy says that only his bride will have power to end his life. I loved everything about this drama including the bromance and the Goblin’s bride in this tale of reincarnation and immortality.
  2. Healer– Seriously well done romance between a female reporter and a “night messenger” who makes deliveries outside the law but first he must find a way to prove that his father didn’t kill her father while taking revenge on the ones who were really responsible. This kdrama sets the bar for romance and created many Chang Ji Wook fans
  3. A Korean Odyssey– Rude male beginnings are a cliche in k-drama but this is the only one that I have seen where our male lead begins by cheating her when she is an innocent child and then trying to eat her (with a delicious sauce) when she becomes an adult. With a start like that how could she not fall in love? The characters and many props are based on a classic Chinese book that is over 500 years old (1600 pages) named The Journey West and the portrayal of the Monkey King, Great Sage Equal to Heaven is absolutely perfect! Viewers were disappointed with a cliffhanger ending but you will understand why it had to be that way and enjoy it more if you check out my comments about the book by searching the question “Does anyone in here like the drama A Korean Odyssey?” It is my first one but still a very favorite.
  4. Beauty Inside (not to be confused with The Beauty Inside which is a movie)-The lead couple each have a physical disorder that must be kept secret. She is sweet and caring and ready to help anyone in need and relies on the help of friends while he has built a cold wall of distrust around him isolating himself from friends, family and happiness. Fortunately his disorder enables him to recognize the female when she transforms into a different body for a week each month. Also loved the secondary couple. She is cliche cold hearted bad girl and he is a sweet irresistibly cute boy who would give up his dream to become a Priest for a girl like that. Really all of the characters are treated well. Wish that there were more episodes because her disorder could lead to endless stories. I have seen so many great dramas but this one is still my very favorite Adapted from a Korean movie which was adapted from a web series produced jointly by Toshiba,Intel, and Facebook.
  5. Born Again – A story told over two reincarnated lifetimes. In both lifetimes there is a lovers triangle between a woman and two men. One of the men is a policeman/prosecutor and the other a lonely man who is suspected of being a serial killer. As past mingles with present we see the differences in their characters that their new lives have produced and how they face the same situation in this excellent crime drama.
  6. Come and Hug Me Teenage boy cannot help falling in love with a girl even though he fears his psychopathic father. His worst fear comes true when his dad kills her parents but even this cannot destroy the love that they feel for each other. He decides that he will never see her again but they accidentally meet after they have become adults. Only her love can help him recover from the guilt and pain that he lives with because of his father but can it survive public opinion and his father’s quest to destroy everyone that his son loves?
  7. Extra-ordinary You– This centers around a girl who discovers that she is just a secondary character in a romantic comic book. She falls in love with a mysterious nameless male character who is not only self aware but also has the ability to change their story. Fascinating and complex anti-cliche drama that will explain many of the rules of kdrama to you.
  8. Father is StrangeTo research a part in a drama about a father and son an actor decides to find the father that abandoned him before he was born and moves into his home which also includes the fathers wife and four grown children, each with their own romantic story to tell, who are not ready to welcome him leading to consequences that he could not have imagined. A story about love between man and woman and man and family. *Side note – Sometime after filming this drama the actor who plays the part of an actor and the actress who portrays his manager were married in Real Life.
  9. Faith (The Great Doctor) – After his Queen is mortally wounded a soldier from Goryeo travels through a time portal to our time to find a doctor that can save her. While forcing the surgeon (Plastic Surgeon that is) to return with him he makes a promise that he will bring her back to her time (or die trying). Unfortunately enemy schemes and their growing love make that a difficult promise to keep. Lee Min-ho won a much deserved best actor award for his portrayal of the noble warrior with a tragic past. Best first two episodes and seriously hot hero!!
  10. Good Doctor– Autistic savant must prove that he can meet the emotional requirements of being a doctor. An American series was based off this originally Korean drama making it a great way to compare the subtle difference in style that defines kdrama.
  11. Haechi– The Crown Prince forges lifetime friendships as he works with the police to solve mysteries and palace political intrigues In this exciting story of Prince Yeoning’s rise to the thrown the ill fated love that binds the prince to his two brothers is well documented. Side note* Historians believe that the older brother died of food poisoning from shrimp that was caught out of season and carried 30 miles from the coast in the heat of Summer without ice to the palace dinner table. Good example of a drama based on history
  12. I’m Sorry, I Love You (the original Korean version with So Ji-sub)- Adopted man with three months to live seeks out his lost family and sets out to extract revenge on the mother who abandoned him and the son she replaced him with The two men fall in love with a woman that becomes a part of an intensely passionate love triangle. Warning this one is really exceptionally good but also really exceptionally sad.
  13. Prison Playbook – A famous baseball player is sent to prison for a year (not a career ending crime) where uses his fame and money to help some of the inmates. He breaks up with his girlfriend just before and so spends the year trying to get back with her with the aid of the visitors room and a prison guard who is a close friend and dating his sister. It is unique in that it manages to be a really fun rom-com in spite of its location in a sad place with no physical female contact. It is heartwarming, romantic and really funny. Watch it
  14. Two Weeks – An attempt is made to kill a man who is in jail after being framed for murder so he escapes and tries to prove his innocence. Far more important than his freedom or his life is his little daughter who is scheduled to have a life saving bone transplant surgery in two weeks. He must manage to keep himself alive that long because he is the only one that can save her. If I ruled the world I would bring back polygamy so every one in love triangles could be happily married but the next best thing was the triangle in this kdrama . The female lead (Park Ha-sun) was forced to choose between two really good men who loved both her and her little girl. In the end she made her choice between the detective and the ex-boyfriend but in Real Life after the drama ended Park Ha-sun began dating the man that she didn’t pick and they married before she gave birth to their own baby girl
  15. Signal – A policeman in the year 2015 finds the walkie-talkie of an officer who died in 1986 and discovers that he can speak to him reaching into the past through that signal. They provide each other clues to solve and prevent crimes (which were based on real life cases in that occurred Korea) but every time the past is changed it effects the future. It was the 9th highest rated drama in Korean history.
  16. Kill Me,Heal Me – Lead male has multiple personality disorder. In order to keep it a secret from his workplace he hires the lead female, a psychiatrist, to move into his home and treat him privately. She is friends with all of his personalities but which one will she fall in love with? I love every movie that Ji Sung makes for there depth, maturity of subject and female characters but this is one of his best
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