Top of the Line Tequila Brands

First off, understand that there are different styles of tequila: silver (very little aging), reposado (up to a year of aging), anejo (at least one year of aging), and extra anejo (at least three years of aging). In academic circles, most would consider anejo and extra anejo to be superior, as they have more complexity and depth on account of their additional age.

If you want the best tequila to pour into a glass neat or over a large cube of ice, then you want anejo and extra anejo. If you want something simple to mix with a juice, soda, or to make a margarita out of, then we’re talking about silver tequila.

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What are the best tequila brands in India?

Here’s the list of Best tequila Brands in India that you were unaware off.

1. Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila

Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila

Coming at a very high price, this brand of tequila does not have a competitor anywhere near it. The distinct features begin at the input level, where they use the finest blue agave in its purest form, to prepare it.

This is undoubtedly the best brand of tequila available in the Indian market. After the input comes the prolonged and brilliant distillation process, that provides the tequila with another layer of an edge over others. The absolutely smooth finish is a result of the distillation.

The taste and flavor owe their origin from the vanilla, oak and agave mingled together. The premium pricing is due to its very special make. The Indian consumers are in love with this brand in spite of the price.

Price: INR 40283 – 551.83 United States Dollar

2. AsomBroso Silver Tequila

best tequila brands AsomBroso Silver Tequila

For the very special way this tequila is prepared, the brand is extremely moderately priced. The flavor is absolutely heavenly. So is the brilliant taste. The smooth finish results from the extreme care that goes into its making.

A brilliant blending of green olive, olive brine, milk chocolate among others has made this brand an instant hit among the tequila – lovers of India. The attraction of this brand has been enhanced by the comparatively low price range. This is truly a great experience in tequila in India.

Price: INR 2686 – 36.79 United States Dollar

3. Riazul Premium Anejo Tequila

best tequila brands Riazul Premium Anejo Tequila

For the tequila – lover who is looking for a French touch in the flavor of his tequila, this brand is highly recommended. The absolute smoothness is an add – on. The prolonged distillation process adds to the taste. The tequila is enriched with spices, dried fruits and has the vanilla flavor. Simply, unputdownable, but for the little high range of price!!

Price: INR 3960 – 54.25 United States Dollar

4. El Capo Extra-Aged Anejo Tequila

best tequila brands

The high priced brand is known for its extraordinary taste. It is the leading brand in India s far as deliciousness of taste is concerned. It is aged for long five years, giving it it’s out of the world taste and flavor. The preparation involves a lot of careful procedure and includes dried fruits, coffee, chocolate and walnuts in its constitution.

Price: INR 10070 – 137.95 United States Dollar

5. U4RIK Anejo Tequila


For the connoisseur looking for an edge of whiskey in the shot of tequila must go for this brand. The extra care that goes into its making makes it very special. The taste is also different as well as ravishing.

Price: INR 3021 – 41.38 United States Dollar

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Best-tasting brand of tequila?

As with any drink, it’s a matter of opinion, but if you want mine, hands down, it’s Don Julio.

Best-tasting brand of tequila

Not just a good taste. Aged in oak, the fragrance of it warms your chest from inside. It runs down your throat and tongue like silk and you can feel the heat as it’s on its way. Then, without burning, it warms your chest inside, soothes your whole being, and after it reaches your stomach it’s as if fumes from it were ascending upwards into your head, where it exudes all the same sensations over again there.

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Best Smooth tequila?

Best Smooth tequila

1800 Tequila used to be a highly delectable brand, but then the José Cuervo Company bought it and, I don’t know, but after they started selling it, it started tasting as if it had been mixed 50-50 with Cuervo. A good part of it had that same ghastly, coarse taste and feel as Cuervo. It isn’t delicious anymore.

Best Medium Range Tequila

Best Medium Range Tequila

If you have to stay in the medium or low price range, Sauza is good in its category, and if you can find Sombrero Negro, I’d recommend it above Sauza—but remember, that means in its price range. You can’t compare high-end drinks to medium-priced ones. I just mean if you have to stay within the price range.

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