Best Watches For Teenagers Under 10000 Rupees

Best Watches Under 100$ – This list has been curated by watch expert and enthusiast Mr.Theindianhorology. Not everyone needs to wear expensive three-piece suits, drive rare road rockets, and sport Rolex timepieces.

There are affordable items that are still well-made and there’ no shame in wearing them. This is especially the case for watches. You may think that you need to save up for a prestigious Rolex or burn a hole in your wallet making payments for a Patek Philippe timepiece, but that’s not the case.

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All the models we are going to analyze are considered in all respects the best 100-dollar watches on the market. Here is a quick roundup of the best cheap durable watches that are on the market right now.

1. Casio F-91W Watch

Retail Price : 899/-

This a classic watch Introduced in 1989 Annual production of 3 million units per year.

• 1/100-second stopwatch
• Micro-light
• Square face
•7-year battery life

2. Q&Q WATCHES – QZ00J312Y

Best Watches


A Subsidiary of CITIZEN Watch Co.Ltd Q&Q stands for “Quality and Quantity.” there many options to choose from and prices do change depending on the function and designs.

3. CASIO Vintage series – DBC-32D-1A

Best Watches

Retail Price 2,595/-

The vintage series were quiet popular in 80s and 90s era these watches have made a come back now there several models being released in India they have become trend.


Best Watches


One of the most popular wrist watch known for its toughness and a really good watch for day to day use since 1983 there several option and colors to choose today.


Best Watches

Retail Price 9,700/-

Seiko started in the year 1881 in japan In 1969, Seiko introduced the Astron, the world’s first production quartz watch they make more affordable watches under alba watches.


Best Watches

Retail Price 4,600/-

Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1983 and a flagship subsidiary of The Swatch Group. Swatch product line was developed as a response to the “quartz crisis” of the 1970s and 1980s they make watches that are funky street style dial classic analog machinal watches and have very wide selection to choose.

7. Citizen Dress BE9174-55E

Best Watches

Retail Price 9,000/-

Citizen was founded in 1930 world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993 and has remained a pioneer of this field.

Popular watch Eco-Drive watches use a battery recharged by a solar panel hidden under the watch face. In the rare and the solar power was supplemented by an automatic quartz power source.

8. TITAN EDGE 1598SL02

Best Watches


Titan watches have very wide variety of watches to choose from that they sell in the market today under various brands like sonata, FastTrack etc. They have even launched higher end watches.

So, here are the top watches recommended by a watch enthusiast, and Instagram page with over 20,000 Followers.

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