B2B Marketing: Best Ways to Generate Leads from Startups

Generate Leads from Startups : B2B (business to business) is way more complex than B2C (business to consumer).

B2B sales require deliberation from prospects, and more people tend to engage in the buying process. Customers also need to validate the return-on-investment (ROI) of their transactions before making a purchase.

Generate Leads from Startups

In B2C, customers are mainly interested in the benefits a product or service offers. Most B2C buyers purchase based emotions rather than logic.

Buyers can be anyone in B2C. In B2B, customers are part of a segment of an industry.

Let’s talk about B2B.

You need proven B2B marketing strategies to grow your business and Generate Leads from Startups.

  • Do a website analysis to Generate Leads from Startups
  • Perform keyword research
  • Gather feedback from customers
  • Do Competitive analysis to learn about your competitors.
  • Start listening and engaging on social media.
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Audit your customer data
  • Invest in video marketing
  • extend your sales funnel

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LinkedIn is a great way to contact decision makers

What actually works: LinkedIn and Sales Navigator are great ways to find and research contacts, then contact them directly via phone or email

Start by finding target prospects on LinkedIn using your accurate buyer persona The difference between the various LinkedIn subscription levels is complex but the Sales Navigator service provides a lot of value. With access to this tool you can:

  • Find leads with a more advanced search function
  • Learn more about a company and its employees
  • Save leads
  • Receive alerts on lead and company activity.
  • InMail’s (although we don’t often use these and we contact people directly)

Generally, we sync LinkedIn data our CRM via a nice widget because the LinkedIn lead management tools aren’t great. The Linked hub tool also has several integrations with email finding tools that help to uncover a lead’s direct e mail address

Discover and save leads for a more effective lead gen strategy with #linkedin #salesnavigator.

The activity information is valuable as it allows you to identify leads that may need your services as their businesses change.

This tool is useless if you don’t reach out to these leads. Depending on what you feel comfortable and confident with, you need to message them on LinkedIn at the very least with the aim to add them to a lead nurture campaign. Otherwise known to your prospects as a newsletter mailing list. Join forums and on-line networking groups.

What actually works: Join forums and on-line networking groups and comment publicly.

The general advice with forums is to comment and be helpful.

This can be quite time-consuming so it’s best done on forums that are open to the public. That way, anyone that searches for that particular query, will find helpful information and a link to your website.

Forums like this typically sit in Google, Yahoo, Quora and Reddit

So, if you create a fabulous 500-word answer to someone’s question the site can use it in any way they like.

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There are a couple of approaches that work for answers:

  1. The huge, highly inclusive response that looks more like a blog post than an answer.
  2. The to the point answer with a link to more information

We tend to take the second approach. Most often the question will already have been answered on our blog and we can directly reference that post.

If it hasn’t been answered, we’ll write it up on our blog and link to it. That way the content stays on our site.

Either way, there are a couple of key points for your answers:

  1. Look for questions with a lot of followers: There’s no point in spending 2 hours answering a question with only 2 followers.
    You need your pages to on rank page 1 of the Google results for getting attention and Generate Leads from Startups.

What actually works: You need your pages to rank on page 1 of the on Google results for keywords relevant to your Buyer Personas.

To do this, you should make a list of terms used to describe the service or products your company provides, then put them through Google. Scroll down to the common searches associated and you’ll see search queries commonly made containing your keyword.

If you want to go one step further, you can run your main keyword through answer the public, a question generation tool. You’ll get an extensive list of questions this way, which you can download into a spreadsheet and run through a keyword explorer on an SEO keyword explorer tool like Moz or SEMRush.

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Create Facebook Look-a-like audiences

What actually works: Build multiple audiences and test them against different types of content and ads to Generate Leads from Startups.

You can build a multitude of look-a-like audiences in Facebook. If you have your Facebook pixel enabled, you can build a look-a-like audience from all the people who visit your website, or even specific web pages that experience high conversion rates.

Look-a-like audiences pull interests and demographics from an existing pool of people.

These may correlate to your buyer persona, or they might have nothing to do with it. The profiling that the Facebook algorithm uses to build the look-a-like audience may elect demographics and interests which are purely incidental or even wild anomalies. This is why you need to test your lists with a few different ad types.

Multi-variable testing takes time, but it’s worth the effort if you get a list of people who are more targeted to your marketing efforts. This can take time, so build a testing plan, stick to it and be patient.

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BONUS TIPS ON ways to generate leads from startups

Generate Leads from Startups

Here are some best ways to generate leads from startups.

Cold Emailing to Generate Leads from Startups 

Cold emailing is an effective way to generate leads for any B2B start up. Be it to promote your content, new features/updates, new events, etc., you can use cold emailing to reach your prospects and out your content in front of them. By finding your right buyer persona and targeting them at the opportune moment with the right message that provides value will help you generate a good amount of leads.

The best thing about cold emailing is that once you figure out your ideal customer profile and the message that works with them then you can use a sales automation tool like Klenty to scale up your efforts. Read here for more tips on cold emailing and some of the best cold emails sample templates.

Display ads to Generate Leads from Startups

If you have got some budget to spend then you can try some display ads and PPC ads. With display ads (FB ads, Intagram, Quora, etc.) you can target your message to prospects in a particular demography or with particular behaviours.

You can also retarget prospects who have visited any of your page but didn’t sign up. With display ads who can probably create a video to create brand awareness among your prospects (top of the funnel) then you can create valuable content like eBook’s, white papers, etc. (middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel) and then generate more leads. You can also use these to retarget your prospects.

Experiment and see which ads are giving you the highest ROI and you can double up our efforts on that to generate high quality leads.

Lead Generation Tools to Generate Leads from Startups

There are tools such as Klenty, Pipecandy, Aero leads, etc. that will help you generate leads. You can try them if you are unable build a list of prospects manually.

Content and SEO to Generate Leads from Startups

Creating great content that provides extremely valuable information to your prospects is the foundation for inbound lead generation. Search engines ranks content that provides value highly and hence there is high chance of you being found in organic searches provided your content is also optimized for SEO.

Most your outbound efforts are often linked with the content that you generate, so this is something important where you need to spend time and effort.

Promotion sites to Generate Leads from Startups

List your brand in Capterra, Product hunt and other similar sites where they rate your company. Lot of B2B companies visit these sites and you will be able to generate good amount of leads from there if you can get good reviews.

Webinars/Podcasts to Generate Leads from Startups

Podcasts and webinars are becoming increasingly important. You can reach out to influencers and other companies who complement your product to find new leads.

Referrals/Integrations to Generate Leads from Startups

Create a great product so that you can integrate with other companies and vice versa. You can also look to partner with companies/people who are willing to refer your company.

PPC ads to Generate Leads from Startups

(google, yahoo, etc) also an effective way to generate leads where you need to bid on a particular key word for which you want to be displayed for organic search. You can also use these to retarget your prospects. Experiment and see which ads are giving you the highest ROI and you can double up our efforts on that to generate high quality leads.

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List of great B2B industries?

Frankly speaking, different industries have different industry lists. Based on years of wholesale experience, here is a list of B2B wholesale industries. I hope it will be helpful to your business!

1. Alibaba

  • ●The world’s leading global wholesale trade platform
  • ●One of the largest B2B online markets
  • ●Have many suppliers, traders and manufacturers, etc.
  • ●Products are readily available
  • ● Orders over $1000 can get a $50 discount


  • ●The price of the same quality is 70% cheaper
  • ●No license and advertising, completely free wholesale supplier
  • ●Free source agency fee
  • ●All products are self-operated products
  • ●Free Vip membership and enjoy free coupons every month

3. Global Sources

  • ●Over one million international buyers
  • ●Hold special exhibitions all over the world
  • ●45 years of experience
  • ●There are 50 offices and a powerful database in the global network
  • ●Excellent business support services

4. TradeIndia

  • ●Has more than 3 million registered users
  • ●Various types of goods
  • ●It is a global platform for buying and selling products made in India
  • ●Specially for Indian small businesses

Hope the above list can inspire you and enable you to do more in the business-to-business industry.

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