Easy Way to Start Digital Marketing for Business

Start Digital Marketing for Business : A2A – Whether you are running a small company or big MNC, digital marketing is the need of the hour. As the usage of technology increasing the value of digital marketing is becoming integral part of your business success.

It is up to you whether you want to left the most effective and affordable way of marketing or choose it wisely. Being a digital marketing consultant over last 11 years,

I have seen significant changes the way it works for business especially the small ticket size business.

Earlier making a website is not at all essential for any business and people are bit reluctant to put any budget for digital marketing, however nowadays everyone needs it.

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Start Digital Marketing for Business

Digital marketing is more than putting a social media post with your brand logo. It is more about generating business leads, awareness and buzz about your product and services. If you don’t know how and where you can start digital marketing then hire a digital marketing expert or company.

There are many courses and short-term programs available on internet for entrepreneur and one can learn basics of digital marketing from there.

However, I am not a big fan of suggesting a beginner to start digital marketing for lead generation hence it is all about investing money. In order to understand I will give you an analogy of stock market, you can learn trading by watching some basic tutorial videos however you can not risk your hard-earned money after watching 2 or 3 basic videos. 

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Similarly, digital marketing works, you can know about digital marketing by basic tutorials however in order to generate leads either outsource it to some expert or gain more knowledge about it.

When you run some successful organic campaigns then start putting budget on in-organic activities like FB Ads, Google Ads or any other sort of paid marketing. As an expert my approach is very simple about the lead generation –

  • 1. In-depth research about products or services
  • 2. Competition analysis
  • 3. Smart planning of available budget
  • 4. Identification of proper social media or third-party platforms
  • 5. In-depth research about target audience’s purchase behavior
  • 6. Focus on right Geo locations
  • 7. Timely reviews about campaigns
  • 8. Putting more focus on organic approaches
  • 9. Out of the box thinking about new campaigns
  • 10. Engaging content creation and content marketing

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Once you or your consultant set up a roadmap about how and where you will put your budget and focus first thing comes is a website. A good website is biodata of your company and must use as a landing platform for all digital marketing activities. I will decode this in step by step procedure –

Start Digital Marketing for Business Step 1 –

Website Creation for your products and services. There are many tools available to create a free website however, I will not advise any of them.

The reason behind this is their inflexibility in modification, less compatibility in Search engine visibility and dependency on third party platform.

You can go for a small website if your budget is limited, any good company will design and develop your website in few hundred dollar. A basic static website of 5 to 10 pages can be easily designed within $200 USD.

Start Digital Marketing for my Business

Start Digital Marketing for Business Step 2 –

Once your website work is done start focusing on social media pages and profile creation for your business. Identify the right platforms where you can get your target audience and put more focus and energy to engage them.

A creative social media campaign or informative post may get their attention on your brand. Social media campaigns are more about brand awareness until and unless not used their paid advertisement features.

Start Digital Marketing for Business Step 3 –

Content marketing is less discussed but most effective way of digital marketing.

A proper content about your offering, a knowledge-base about niche of your industry, creative infographics, informative videos and blogs can generate more traffic to your website and social media pages. More traffic and engagement is directly related to more business leads.

Digital Marketing for Business

Start Digital Marketing for Business Step 4 

You can allocate a small budget to promote your product and services on various third-party platform. It is called media buying and it is different from paid advertisement like FB Ads and Google Ads.

Start Digital Marketing for Business Step 5 –

Invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the most impactful and long term activity and provide you best sales leads. If your product and services is coming on the top of search results on Google or any other search engine, chances of getting business leads is very high.

It is well known fact that top 5 search results from your business keyword always get best sales leads. You can allocate a good budget and hire SEO expert or SEO agency who knows best of it.

There are many freelancer and small companies who claimed to be SEO expert however their own SEO is not impressive, please do not hire them. A good SEO agency may charge you bit high but the results matter in this case.

Start Digital Marketing for Business seo

There are many activities apart from above mentioned one however it does depend on your marketing vision and budget. A good digital marketing consultant can provide you detailed strategy and roadmap specific to your product or services.

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