How to find IP Address of Wireless Router

How to get the IP Address of Wireless Router on Windows 10

  • 1. Open Run Prompt on windows (Shortcut key to open Run, Press Windows+R key)
  • 2. Now paste the windows command on control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter RUN box and after that press the Enter key to open Network and Sharing Center. (You can manually open the Setting of Network and Sharing Center option through the control panel)
  • 3. Now click on the Change Adapter Settings option and select the WiFi connection network which is currently active. (An inactive connection network is usually marked with red X)
find IP Address of Wireless Router
  • 4. And Now Right-click on the option of active connection network and select on status option. A box will appear with details on the new window named “Wireless Network Connection Status“.
find IP Address of Wireless Router
  • 5. Now click on the Details option, your router’s IP address is displayed details in the IPv4 Default Gateway line.

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