Go To Traffic School Review 2021 – GoToTrafficSchool

Though there are thousands of traffic schools out there, I found out that there are only two types: the legit ones and the total scams. I’ve gone through both, and so I write my findings here.

Today, we’re exploring this GoToTrafficSchool review to see if it deserves its popularity and good reputation.

Pros of GoToTrafficSchool

  • In the business since 1999
  • DMV-approved
  • Simple yet engaging course
  • Easy quizzes
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Reliable customer support

Cons of GoToTrafficSchool

  • Straightforward approach may not be for everyone
  • Not available in all states

About the Courses

Traffic School

The reason why many people go to traffic school is to dismiss a ticket and keep their driving records clean. In Go To Traffic School, the lessons and quizzes for this course are all straightforward and easy to understand.

When I took the course, it covers all the essentials every driver needs to learn, including traffic laws and regulations, road safety, and even defensive driving techniques.

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Insurance Reduction

I know that auto insurance premiums can be expensive, but many insurance companies can give you a discount if you’re a safe driver [1]. With insurance reduction courses like this, you can save money on insurance premiums.

Just remember to check if you’re first eligible for a discount before actually enrolling in the course.

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Mature Driver Course

In relation to the course above, insurance companies are also required by law to give auto liability insurance discounts to elderly drivers. This means if you’re someone or you know someone who’s 55 and older, completing a Mature Driver Course can help lower premiums.

Of course, this will still depend on your state laws and eligibility as well. If everything checks out, you can get as much as a 15% discount.

How Does It Work?


It’s easy to sign up for a GoToTrafficSchool course, like most popular online traffic schools. The details you input will depend on your state, but the information you need to fill out are pretty basic, such as your court and citation date.

During the sign-up process, all the fees you’ll be paying are displayed upfront. The course itself is cheap, and the fee includes the lessons, quizzes, and the electronic processing of your results to the court.

There are also upgrades you can choose from, but unlike other bait-and-switch schemes where you need to pay for every little feature, the upgrades at GoToTrafficSchool are optional. There’s a read-along upgrade, completion confirmations via email or text, and same-day processing.

While the course itself is cheap, be aware that some states impose their own fees, and this may up the price significantly. In Arizona, for instance, there are three additional fees you have to pay: the court diversion fee, Supreme Court fee, and the Arizona State surcharge fee.

Moving on to the course itself, Go To Traffic School keeps it simple yet engaging. You can select the format you want as well, whether it’s videos or text lessons. The course has animated videos, audio clips, and even 3D driving simulations that help illustrate the concepts better.

The material is divided into chapters with mini-quizzes at the end. The quiz is two questions only, and it’s easy because the answers are in the chapters.

While it’s not the most flashy course I’ve seen, it incorporates just enough elements to keep it from being boring. You can also take the course from a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. So whether you’re home or out, you can always pick up where you left off.

The final exam is easy as well, requiring a 70–80% passing grade. It’s a multiple-choice type, and unless you didn’t take the course at all, you won’t have trouble passing the test. Even then, you can retake the test as many times as you want.

Once you’ve finished the course and passed the exam, your certificate of completion will be processed and shipped within 2 to 3 business days. If you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can upgrade to same-day-processing to get your certificate processed and shipped on the same day.

Overall, the entire process that GoToTrafficSchool has in place is easy from start to finish.

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How Long is GoToTrafficSchool?

GoToTrafficSchool is anywhere between 4–12 hours long. This depends on the course you take and the state laws you have, as some require drivers to spend longer hours in traffic school compared to others.

Is GoToTrafficSchool legit?

Yes, GoToTrafficSchool is legit. They’re court and DMV-approved in many states, and they have millions of graduates already. Their course material is good, the final exam is easy, and they automatically process your completion with the DMV.

GoToTrafficSchool Reviews

GoToTrafficSchool is well-received by its customers and graduates, and this is reflected in the customer reviews online.

What the majority of customers say about GoToTrafficSchool is that it’s easy to navigate and the topics cover the essentials without being overwhelming. Their experience (as well as mine) with the customer service is great as well since their staff is responsive and helpful.

GoToTrafficSchool Answers

The answers to the quizzes and final test in GoToTrafficSchool are all found in the course material. Once you go through each chapter, there are only two questions on the mini-quizzes. And at the end of the course, there’s the final exam.

All the items are easy to answer because they don’t deviate from what’s taught in the course. As long as you pay attention to the lessons, you can pass the tests easily enough.


GoToTrafficSchool deserves its reputation as one of the best in the industry. Since its establishment in 1999, it has only continued to expand and update its material to keep it fresh.

This traffic school offers straightforward lessons, easy tests, smooth signup, and quick processing of your completion certificate. If you got a ticket that you need to be dismissed, GoToTrafficSchool will make the process quick and easy.

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