How to unmap/Remove a folder in Team Foundation Server (TFS).

You should be able to go to Workspaces and remove/add any mappings there directly.

  1. Go To Source Control Explorer
  2. Expand the Workspaces drop-down along the toolbar in the Source Control Explorer
  3. Click the last entry to manage workspaces

There you should be able to remove mappings.Reference:

How to delete/remove a local path in TFS?

If you want to change the local path for the working directory of the Team Foundation Server (TFS), you need to go to

File -> Source Control -> Workspaces ( File -> Source Control -> Advanced -> Workspaces for VS2017), then select your workspace (it should match your computer name) and click Edit.

Beside above, how do I map a local directory in TFS? Map a local folder to a TFS Source Control Folder. Connect to your TFS server. From the TFS main menu, choose ‘View | Team Explorer’. In the Team Explorer toolbar, click on the Connect to Team Projects button (fourth from left, with a power plug icon).

Therefore, how do I remove a mapping solution from TFS?

To completely remove TFS source control binding follow these two steps: Go to your solution’s folder, find and delete all files with *. vssscc and *.

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How do I change the local path in Visual Studio?

  1. Open Source Control Explorer.
  2. File -> Source Control -> Workspaces.
  3. Choose the related workspace.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Change the value of Local Folder under Working folders tab to the desired one according to the corresponding Source Control Folder.
  6. Click OK -> Close.
  7. Done. visual studio team foundation server

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