Increase Engagement from SEO and Email Marketing

Both SEO and email marketing are quite similar to one another in a way because they both take the help of content in order to promote their brand. It is completely by the power of content that they both drive people to their brand.

That is the way where one can use them together and further improvise to get the best out of the marketing efforts.

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How to get Engagement from SEO and Email Marketing:-

  • Lower bounce rates for SEO and Email Marketing – With email marketing, one can get highly targeted traffic to his website. He can send the blog posts along with email list with a prominent CTA. It must be viewed by some highly qualified visitors, that will let you know that they liked your content.
  • Discover the intent behind query for SEO and Email Marketing – Google focuses more on enhancing the user experience. For this, they show the results that are appropriate according the users convenience. You can use email marketing to serve the content that is most relevant for a user’s query. You need to focus behind the intent of the query which may be desires, challenges, fear, etc.
  • Repurpose newsletter content for SEO and Email Marketing – Newsletters can be considered as tools that can help you to promote your latest blogs, products and services. You should send the newsletters with exclusive content that can please your subscribers. Also when a newsletter is repurposed in a different format for new users, it can start ranking its searches too.
  • Improves social media engagements for SEO and Email Marketing- When you send an email having social sharing buttons within, can encourage the subscribers to share your content. You must include a CTA which improves the chances of visiting and sharing. Also higher engagement on your social media can help you improve your SEO.
Engagement from SEO and Email Marketing
  • Use automated sequence to generate traffic- Emails give you the power to automate the sequence, things, or situations. You can create an automated email sequence. Incase you get a new subscriber they will get to see your best posts without any effort from your side. Such email sequences give you the facility of automated flow of traffic that shall keep increasing to make your site higher up in search results. Also make use of SEO tools.
  • Deliver personalized content for SEO and Email Marketing- Email segmentation is a very handy thing when it comes in delivering personalized content. Getting customized content, people become more likely to find it relevant to them. A study says 98% marketers trust that customization affects customer relationship.
Engagement from SEO and Email Marketing
  • Use CTAs- The call-to-action option is one of the most integral part of email marketing. It directs the subscribers to make a particular action. A well place and nicely crafted CTA can help you to multiply the number of shares of your posts. This applies both to social media and email customization.
  • Ask for reviews for SEO and Email Marketing- A good way of using email marketing to build up your SEO efforts is by asking your subscribers for reviews. The reviews not only help local SEO, but also helps you to win the trust of other consumers. As per a study, 86% of the consumers do read customer reviews for local reviews.
Engagement from SEO and Email Marketing

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So, email marketing directly doesn’t influence SEO, but you can utilize it on your own advantage to drive the traffic to your website.

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