Investing in Cryptocurrency in February 2021 Guide

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, and I’m not an advisor. I don’t work for or advise any of the below-mentioned projects. This writing is purely out of personal interest. Please always do your own research and don’t take this writing as advice to buy or sell.

January numbers for most cryptocurrencies were mostly green with rare underperformers. So, let’s look at how my picks performed in January:

1.BTC 15%

  • TIGHT part:

2.FIL -1.24%

3.SOL 180%

4.CELO 95%

5.OMG 67%


6.MAHA 35%

7.GGTK 71%

In February, I would allocate the portfolio this way:

  • 50% of the portfolio to BTC because we saw an alt season already and the next leg up should be by Bitcoin.
  • 20% USDT to be ready to pick up cheap altcoins after the BTC rally.
  • 25% TIGHT part. Represented mostly by ETH, because ETH is tied to BTC and ready to strike also, especially while hitting ATH recently.
  • 5% AGGRESSIVE part (high-risk low-caps)

It is worth noting that it is always smarter to DCA your position both on the buy and sell-side.

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Tight part:

ETH. To cut it short, currently, Ethereum is highly undervalued. Let me give you the reasons why:

  • Recently Ethereum has come in sight of institutional investors: the amount of large ETH transactions (more than $100k) is now 7 times lower than in 2018 maximums. However, ETH has already started moving in this direction. According to Intotheblock, the total volume in large transactions recently reached a new daily high of $13.94b, which represents a 33x increase compared to a year ago; however, it is still below the 2018 levels.
Cryptocurrency in February
  • Miners are sure about ETH growth: hash rates are hitting their historical maximums of 347 TH/s.
Cryptocurrency in February
  • The number of addresses keeps growing: there are 52.38m addresses with balance, which is almost 2 times more compared to 2020. The amount of addresses holding more than a year has grown exponentially ( 31m compared to 19m in 2020 ).
  • Other important factors that are likely to contribute to the price growth is the growing interest in stable coins (most of which use Ethereum blockchain), development in the DeFi sectors, Ethereum 2.0 upcoming upgrades and EIP #1559, intended to make ETH a deflationary model and reduce the total supply thus changing the whole Ethereum monetary policy.

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ENJ .Though ENJ has grown about 180% in January, it is still lagging behind other bull run participants, and ENJ performance on the yearly chart is still red. What’s more, ENJ is among rare cryptos with limited max supply: 1b ENJ that will ever be minted multiplied by the already circulating supply of 929,334,633 ENJ is likely to give a clear result – we will see ENJ growing soon.

Apart from price analyses and promising fundamentals, there are lots of great things to keep an eye on in 2021 for Enjin. Enjin’s CEO Maxim Blagov keeps intriguing the community saying there are “big surprises to reveal” and we should “buckle up for some news soon”. What may Maxim be talking about? Much is anticipated: the first PS5 blockchain game The Six Dragons, new games Age of Rust and Nestables, Enjin 2nd layer scaling solution Efinity, and of course ENJ wallet 2.0 release.

To get more details, you may visit my recently written big in-depth article on Enjin’s 2020 achievements and price potential for 2021

Aggressive part:

MAHA. Maha has been showing great value growth since its launch date. That’s not surprising, as MahaDAO has been moving like crazy: much has been done since the beginning of 2021. Beta Program, CertiK Audit, ARTH valuecoin launch, Gitbook Release, just to name a few.

MahaDAO is definitely rising in popularity, already having more than 5.5k unique wallets. However, the team is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and promises much more to come:

Next month we have so much more, including fresh partnership announcements, more product updates and the passing over of governance to you, the MahaDAO community(which has already begun).

PRE -Cryptocurrency in February

In 2020 Presearch did much to provide sustainability to the platform and launch a working product: they launched the Keyword Staking platform, got listed on KuCoin, did a 50% reduction in the total supply of PRE (bringing it from 1b PRE to 500m), hired a new CTO, redid the whitepaper and started building out the new decentralized search platform powered by user nodes. The result of their 2020 work came out on Jan 28, 2021 when the team launched the Node-Powered (Decentralized) Search Engine, which already saw over 1M search queries per day over the past few days!

Recently, QIC hosted Presearch CEO Colin Pape for AMA, whose long-term goals for Presearch can be considered a green flag for investors. That’s what he expects:

In one year, I’d like to see us be well on our way to 10 million registered users from our current 1.7 million. In 5 years, I think we’ll be well over 100 million. 10 years is a little fuzzier, but we should be able to continue to grow and hopefully be the second biggest search engine by then. I believe Presearch has the potential to be bigger than DDG (DuckDuckGo).

Last but not least, what I like about Presearch is that the team keeps the value of their success within the token, as they do not have investors. Colin said, “everyone involved is aligned around PRE as their mechanism to capture value from their efforts growing the project.” Basically, it means that only Presearch success will determine their tokenomics.

As usual, do not forget to put stop losses and to protect yourself from market shock. If you’re not a TA expert, then I’d recommend you use a basic 10% stop-loss for all your trades.

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