65+ Most Followed and Interesting Quora Spaces

Most Followed Quora Spaces

Below are some of the most followed Quora Spaces (According to my own reach and understanding).

  1. Websites Daily – This Quora space is on the mission of making itself ‘A Repository of the World’s most Interesting, Useful, and Worthy Websites’. Akshat Solanki and Devangana Mandal are admins of this space.
  2. Coronavirus – Follow this Quora space for the latest updates on Chinese Virus COVID-19. Jonathan Brill is the admin of this space.
  3. Save Rock and Roll – This space is to share music, thoughts, discussions about the greatest gift to music. James O’ConnorErica Lynn and Subhranil Ghoshal are admins of this space.
  4. Food and some more food – Discover delicious food ideas and new recipes on this space. Tigran Hakobyan is the admin of this space.
  5. Science and Math Geeks – This space is for any science and/or math geek or nerd. Danijar Dreger, Anton Rzhevskyi and User-10351375799146235229 are admins of this space.
  6. Song in My Head – This Quora space ‘Song In My Head’ is probably the oldest place on Quora to post music videos. Stephanie VardavasStan Hanks and Kat Rectenwald are admins of this space.
  7. World History – From the Renaissance to the US Civil War to the Nazi Era to World War II . From kings, rulers to wars. Just about anything on World History. Ratnakar Sadasyula-రత్నాకర్ సదస్యులObaidul Karim Khan are 2 of the admins of this space.
  8. Why So Relatable? – This is space of relatable stuff. Life stories from people around the world. Namit BathlaAllen Kinney, and Alfred Yip are admins of this space.
  9. Straight From the Source – This Quora space is a collection of “I was there” answers on Quora. Quora is the admin of this space.
  10. Cloud Daily from SaaStr! – This is Quora space for the best answers, news, & discussions on what is happening in business software. Jason M. Lemkin is the admin of this space.
  11. How To Use The Brain – A community for psychology enthusiasts to share content; run by Cognition Today. Aditya Shukla is the admin of this space.
  12. Incredible India – This space is about Hidden Gems of India: from places, food, history, travel & more. Mrinal Bhattacharya (মৃণাল ভট্টাচার্য) is the admin of this space.
  13. Success and Happiness – This space is about the practical tips for achieving success and happiness in our life. Awdhesh Singh (अवधेश सिंह) is the admin of this space.
  14. Edible History – This space is a place where recipes that were written yesterday are eaten today. Cynthia Chan is an admin of this space.
  15. TIL – This is a space for people who are interested in learning random things that are useful, relevant, and/or just plain interesting. Alecia Li Morgan is the admin of this space.
  16. Gold Medal Answers – This space is the collection of very best answers. Sean Kernan is the admin of this space.
  17. Mathematics and Physics – This space is all about mathematics and physics, the two branches of science that are responsible for development of the world and making with ease. Aman Raj (अमन राज) is the admin of this space.
  18. Psychology for Everyone – This Quora space is about everyday psychology. Mrinal Bhattacharya (মৃণাল ভট্টাচার্য) is the admin of this space.
  19. Daily Dose Of Vocabulary – This Quora  space is a place to share words, meanings and contextual usages. Atmaja Bandyopadhyay is the admin of this space.
  20. Life and Understanding – This Quora  space is for understanding life with deep insights and evolving with greater dimension. Aarthi Kannan is the admin of this space.
  21. Ask about Investments – This Quora  space is for Queries on general investments and investing in India. Gopal Kavalireddi is the admin of this space.
  22. Weird Wikipedia – This Quora space is A collection of the weirdest wikipedia pages on the internet. Emmad Mazhari is the admin of this space.
  23. Indian Right – This Quora space is meant for conservatively progressive people who lean towards the right of the centre in political and ideological spectrum. Tejasvī Bhāskar, Soikot BanerjeeSayak Biswas, Urvika Sakaria, Niveditha K Prasad, Puneetchandra Sharma, Kushagra Garg (कुशाग्र गर्ग), and Anand Gupta are the admins of this space.
  24. Mastermind Space – This Quora Space is about giving you the tools and information you need to turn into a Mastermind yourself and to bring your life to the next level! Lukas Schwekendiek is the admin of this space.
  25. US Health Care Policy – This Quora space intends to be used to talk about what policy changes the United States should take up in the area of Health Care. Chris Joosse, and Pamela Pearl are the admins of this space.
  26. Financial Gyan – This Quora space is about Finance and things related. Alok Gupta is the admin of this space.
  27. Money Business – This Quora space shares best Money and Business advices. Barun Mohanty is the admin of this space.
  28. Indian History – This space is dedicated to explain and elaborate History and Culture of India. There are many admins of this space, Ratnakar Sadasyula-రత్నాకర్ సదస్యుల, Nihar Nanda are two of them.
  29. India News – A news Quora space by Indian Express. The Indian Express is the admin of this space.
  30. Travel Nomads & Guides – This is a space dedicated to sharing original, authentic and extremely beneficial travel content for any person passionate about travel. Akriti Mattu is the admin of this space.
  31. Startup Marketing+Growth – This space publishes everything about Startup Marketing and Growth. Tigran Hakobyan is the admin of this space.
  32. News and more – This Quora space offers latest news from around the world. Hindustan Times is the admin of this space.
  33. English words – This is the space where you daily get a new english word to learn. Madan S Shekhawat is the admin of this space.
  34. Fix your English – This is a space for English learners, fix your grammar, vocabulary and spoken English. Monika Rai is the admin of this space.
  35. Music and Songs – Browse hundreds of artists, composers, and curated playlists on this space. Kamalesh Chauhan and Krishn Veer Singh are admins of this space.
  36. Travel and tourism – This Quora space helps to meet new people, and know about different cultures and lifestyles. Shoba Lal is the admin of this space.
  37. Express your Ideas💡 – This Quora space is to share your innovative ideas, different & intellectual thoughts which can change our perspective, post and contents which you like to share. Dr.Sunil Rao ScindhiaJaydeep Patel and 13 more are admins of this space.
  38. Lifestyle Wanderlust – This space is about travel, lifestyle and health. Rajat Nagpal and Mrinal Gupta are admins of this space.
  39. We talk about books – This space is a place to share and talk about the books in one’s lives. Stephanie Vardavas and Patrick Diamond are admins of this space.
  40. History & Mystery. Oh My! – This space is one where we can share and discuss the many excellent answers on history from around Quora. Michael Vogel is the admin of this space.
  41. You May Not Have Heard – This space is about news you haven’t heard. Todd Denlinger is the admin of this space.
  42. The Chitlin’ Circuit – This space is a place to share and discuss the Blues. Dane Clarke and Tom Robinson are admins of this space.
  43. Foodie Frenzy – This space is about food. David Maynard is the admin of this space.
  44. Holistic Medicine – This space is about science, medicine, healing, and ancient wisdom. Jiří Kroc is an admin of this space.
  45. Simplify Your Life – This space will help you to see the world more clearly. Brian Pennie is the admin of this space.
  46. Curious Minds – This space fosters your curiosity. Malky McEwan is the admin of this space.
  47. Fitness Tips – This space publishes information to help keep you inspired to be fit or get into shape. O.J. Gillom is an admin of this space.
  48. Express How You Feel – This is simply a space to Express What You Feel, and will become whatever you make it out to be. Cameron HamrickDakota Gissler and Cain Quaile are admins of this space.
  49. Quota of Quotes – This space offers Daily dosage of unforgettable lines from movies, books and lives of people. Sidharth Sabat is the admin of this space.
  50. Interesting – This is a non subject specific space for interesting things in general. Geno Jones is the admin of this space.
  51. Tech Insider – This space offers Everything you need to know in Tech. Business Insider is the admin of this space.
  52. Book Readers & Reviewers – This a space for readers to discover exciting new books and for writers to get their books reviewed by a wider audience. Anangsha Alammyan is the admin of this space.
  53. General knowledge – This space enables our knowledge. Madan S Shekhawat is the admin of this space.
  54. Indian Defence Space – This space is to discuss about Indian Armed Forces and Strategic Interests. Harsh B. Mishra is the admin of this space.
  55. Business ideas – This space is about business and related stuff. Kamalesh Chauhan and Krishn Veer Singh are admins of this space.
  56. Communique – This is a space to communicate any valuable information worth sharing to the public. Mita Patnaik (ମିତା ପଟ୍ଟନାୟକ) is the admin of this space.
  57. The Fine Arts – This space is about Books, music, art, sculpture, the finer pleasures of life. Ratnakar Sadasyula-రత్నాకర్ సదస్యుల and User-13349992943438527578 are admins of this space.
  58. Movie quotes – This space is for movie lovers. Allwin Raju is the admin of this space.
  59. Everything – You can share everything on this space. Gourav Vasishat is the admin of this space.
  60. Anything From Anywhere – This Space is dedicated to shares and posts that can amaze people of any background. Durgesh Tinker is the admin of this space.
  61. Mobile Photography Club – This Space is about beautiful pictures clicked by mobile. Divyansh Attri is the admin of this space.
  62. Diary of a Movie Lover – The Space about all kinds of movies around the world from Bollywood to Hollywood.Vivek Sridhar, Ratnakar Sadasyula-రత్నాకర్ సదస్యుల are admins of this space.
  63. filmtake – A space about good movies. Nikhil Jangra is the admin of this space.
  64. Q/Kpopfans – This space is a community for Kpop fans to discuss, share, and post about anything Kpop related. Christine LiEdison Lee are admins of this space.
  65. The World History of War – It is the space about The History of War across the World and its historical impact. Baba Vickram Aditya Bedi is an admin of this space.
  66. World Stock Market Trends – A space about Stock Market, and Trends. Baba Vickram Aditya Bedi is an admin of this space.
  67. Traveling Adventures! – Share your weird or funny travels on this space. Shivani SinghMiriam Fabrick are admins of this space.
Quora Space

These are all the most followed spaces on Quora and most interesting Quora Spaces.

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Selection Criteria of Most Followed Quora Spaces

  1. I’ve mentioned the Quora Spaces that have at least 150K Followers with some exceptions. I came across more than 250–260 Quora Spaces and have chosen these ones.
  2. Apart from these, there are still many other mind-blowing Spaces but either they have less than 100K Followers or I’ve not come across them.
  3. If you know any Space that has more than 100K followers, drop a comment below and let me know. I will update the list and the answer accordingly.

That said, I have gone through the profile many popular Quora’s while making this exhaustive list. I hope you enjoy following these spaces.

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