Golden Nutrition rules for Fat Loss

These are the unbreakable, immutable laws of fat loss. Break ’em and you’ll feel the wrath of the Lord and you’ll stay plumb and fat for eternity.

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Live by ’em and you’ll feel the love of the Lord and all his lean, sexy Angels.

Nutrition rules for Fat Loss

Live by the gospel of Fat Loss and you’ll be bestowed you with a lean and aesthetic physique and infinite progress… here are Nutrition rules for Fat Loss

  1. Thou Shall Be In a Caloric Deficit – Doesn’t matter what diet or nutrition plan you’re on, Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Zone, whatever the heck…they all work (doesn’t mean they’re optimal for YOU…but that’s another story) long as you’re in a caloric deficit.
  2. Thou Shall Never Starve Yourself- You will never stay lean on willpower alone. Yes, you might lose a couple of kg’s by “white-knuckling” and denying yourself certain foods, but you’ll never, ever win against hunger. Don’t starve yourself. It’s not sustainable.
  3. Thou Shall Eat Protein (but don’t worship the Supplement Anti-Christ) – Protein is an underrated nutrient: It fills you up and makes it easy to stick to your eating regime. But don’t buy powders, or BCAA pills or shit like that. Stick to natural, store-bought protein sources. Beef, eggs, chicken are good examples.
  4. Thou Shall Maximize Food Volume While Minimizing Calories – Nobody in the fitness industry wants you to know this, but the key to sticking to a fat loss diet and staying lean is….Eating a lot of food that is low in calories but high in VOLUME! Load up on salads and vegetables and watch your fat melt away while you don’t feel hungry at all. This law alone, will get 90% of you reading this as lean as you ever wanted to be.
  5. Thou Shall Be Held Accountable – 80% of fat loss success, is psychological. Only 20% of fat loss, is due to the technical know how, such as what foods to eat and how much. The technical stuff can be explained in 5min. But the head-trip stuff? The motivational spark to change no matter what the cost? This is where accountability comes into play. Do everything you can to hold yourself accountable. Find a group of peers that holds you ruthlessly accountable to you goals and fat loss will have become a lot easier.

There you have ‘em. I hope you make use of this knowledge and not just read, nod your head and stay out of shape.

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You have no more excuses. Follow these Nutrition rules for Fat Loss.

I’m seriously rooting for you.

To your success,

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