Netflix Shows like The OC, 90210 and One Tree Hill

First off all, Here’s my thoughts on One Tree Hill

I started watching American tv shows when I was 16 years old. Most of them that I watched had an X factor in the storyline. For instance it would be a supernatural drama, musical, Sci fi, etc.

I saw the trailer of One Tree Hill and it seemed kind of different from what I had seen earlier and that is what made me more excited for it.

I watched the pilot. It gave me the idea of the storyline and the characters but I wasn’t much impressed with the show. But there was something that made me come back for more. Something that had struck a cord with me. The storyline was pretty simple about 5 teenagers and their lives in a small town called Tree Hill.

But there was so much more to it. And the best part was the simplicity in the presentation. That was the X factor of One Tree Hill, it’s Simplicity.

The way they captured everything. From triumph to loses, from love to hate and from life to death. Watching the show was a life changing experience for me. It opened up a whole new pespective towards love, friendship, art, music, family and life in general.

So if you really want to watch something that is fun, corky, emotional, breadth taking and heart warming then watch One Tree Hill. You cannot get a better combination of something which is scripted and still grounded towards reality.

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Drama series do you like better, The O.C. or One Tree Hill

the oc netflix

The O.C. (TV Series 2003–2007) – IMDb

First of all, let me say that I liked both series. I’ve watched all seasons.

Even though they have the same kind of cast (teenagers that we watch them grow) they are very different kind of series.( The O.C. | Netflix )

Both started strong with an interesting plot and characters. The casting was very good but my favorite is One Tree Hill. It kept me interested for much longer and I liked how the characters developed.

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There are shows similar to One Tree Hill.

These are some shows which I used to fill my void which OTH created when it ended.
1. The O.C- If you like drama and comedy, this is it. Seth Cohen will steal your heart.
2. Gossip Girl- Another drama from the writer of The O.C. But it keeps getting boring as the show moves forward.
3. The Vampire Diaries- Love, Hate, Magic and yes Delana.
4. Friday Night Lights
5. 90210

TV shows that are similar to 90210

You could get a similar vibe (early 90210) with some CBS & ABC sitcoms, such as Young&Hungry, Baby Daddy, Melissa & Joey.

For teenagers as characters there is DeGrasse, Buffy – but these are dramatic, as they have an agenda – showing educational themes for teenagers (you can spot it in 90210, too, but it’s “softer” at teh beginning).

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