Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance

  • Tristian (NG human male cleric [ecclesitheurge] of Sarenrae) can be romanced by female PCs. Completing his romance requires you to complete “Betrayer’s Flight” before “Hour of Rage”, which will piss off your patron Lady Jamandi Aldori. (Previously it also broke Amiri’s companion quest line, but that proved so unpopular that Owlcat changed it in a patch.)
  • Valerie in Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance (LN human female fighter [tower shield specialist]) can be romanced by male PCs.
  • Octavia in Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance (CG female half-elf wizard/rogue) and Regongar (CE male half-orc magus [eldritch scion]) are a bisexual polyamorous couple when you meet them. A PC of either sex can romance either one (which I think leads to them breaking up), or both at once for Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance (in which case you form a thruple).
  • With the Wild Cards DLC, you can romance the tiefling kineticist twins Kanerah (LE dark elementalist) and Kalikke (CG kineticist). Kanerah is open to a casual sexual relationship early on in Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance; you can eventually ask her how serious she is about you. Kalikke becomes romanceable shortly after this. It’s possible be in a relationship with both at once.
  • Finally, in the endgame it’s possible for the primary villain, the nymph Nyrissa, to fall for the PC if you free her from her curse (which takes some doing: you have to complete at least 13 of the 14 “research curses” projects and pass a Lore check when speaking with Vordakai in “The Varnhold Vanishing” to break the curse, and you also have to not complete a romance with anyone else to get the romance option).

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Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance Options

pathfinder kingmaker romance

There are only four romancable characters in Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance :

  • Valerie (straight)
  • Tristian (straight)
  • Rengongar (bisexual)
  • Octavia (bisexual)

Apparently you can setup a threesome with Rengongar and Octavia. I’m not going that route myself since i’m chasing Octavia.

Amiri, sadly, is not romancable in Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance. She is an “iconic” of the official Pathfinder tabletop pen and paper game. Think “stock example” of the barbarian class . I was really hoping for Seoni (iconic Sorcerer ) or Merisiel (iconic Rogue ) 

In addition, in Varnhold’s Lot it’s possible for the General to start a relationship with Maegar Varn. In this case it’s implied you and he had been attracted to each other for many years but didn’t act on it due to your respective responsibilities while commanding the Varnling Host.

If the General survives the end of the DLC, it’s possible for them to be reunited with Maegar at the end of the main game.

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Is Pathfinder Kingmaker Good Game?

I should put my answer in context. My all-time favorite game is Baldur’s Gate. My second all-time favorite game is Baldur’s Gate 2, and it’s followed by Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale. I love Dungeons and Dragons isometric RPGs. I even love The Temple of Elemental Evil, and that game’s an objective mess.

I will also say that I love Pathfinder. Pathfinder is my all-time favorite tabletop RPG. Before Pathfinder, I played D&D, and I’ve been playing D&D since my dad introduced it to me when I was 6. But now i like pathfinder kingmaker romance.

Suffice to say – I am exactly the sort of person that this game would most appeal to. And oh my god it does.

I have not had this much fun playing a computer game since the first time I played Baldur’s Gate. I mean seriously. If I were to go to a group of people and say “Build my ideal video game,” this would be pretty close to it.

The music is by my favorite video game composer – Inon Zur. The ruleset is my favorite ruleset. The story is based on the AP that most piqued my curiosity in the Pathfinder repertoire.

So I give this game a 10/10 glowing review. It might be my new favorite game. But I want to give that review with two substantial caveats.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker game is not perfect and the game is not for everyone.

This game is hard, and let me clarify what “hard” means. Like I said, I love Pathfinder and I’ve been playing these sorts of games for years. I have literally written multiple guidesto various Pathfinder tactics and people read them and share them a lot. I know the system very well.

This Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance game kicks my ass.

Now, granted, I’m not playing on easy. I am playing one step above normal, and I don’t mean “challenging.” “Challenging” is harder than what I’m playing. There are two ways to increase difficulty in this game. One of the options I have set to “normal,” the other I have set to “strengthened” (regarding the monsters), and with these settings, I die all the time.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Challenges

Most of this challenge is very good challenge. It comes in the form of interesting monsters using interesting tactics or difficult puzzles that you need to sit down and solve. I love that stuff.

That is everything I love about the Infinity Engine games, everything I love about Resident Evil, it’s everything I love about all my favorite games. Kingmaker respects the player. It doesn’t baby you or appeal to your need for instant gratification and validation, and that is so unbelievably refreshing I can’t describe it.

However, in the current state of the game, some of the challenge is not “good.” Namely, the challenge is generated via artificially inflating monster stats in a way that the system isn’t really designed to handle.

The “normal” difficulty isn’t actually core Pathfinder rules; the monsters are already buffed, which is somewhat reasonable since monsters are built around a 4-person party and Kingmaker involves a 6-person party with above-average stats, but still; it’s harder than normal by default.

If you increase the difficulty beyond that, the system “double dips.” It gives monsters bonuses to both stats and rolls, for example, a +2 to the strength bonus and a +2 to the attack bonus and damage bonus.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance

This is equivalent to increasing the strength of every monster in the game by 8, a truly massive buff, and the same holds true for dexterity and AC. It’s for this reason that some reviews have commented that playing Kingmaker is like playing with a DM who “just found out you slept with their spouse.”

They also didn’t shy away from putting CR-inappropriate encounters in low-level regions of the map, since it’s an open world. A lot of people have been moaning about that, though it’s not something I personally mind.

While the difficulty has been the most robust source of complaints thus far, there are some other more technical issues. If you don’t have a solid state drive (which I don’t) the load times are a bit much. The walk from your bedroom in your keep to the outside of your capitol is a tedious one with multiple load screens you need to go through.

There’s a dire need for both a “quick escape” from your bedroom and a general “fast forward” button for out-of-combat walking. Not all of the feats and class features work quite right, for example, I’m playing a Hospitaler Paladin who gains the Channel Energy class feature (a feature usually reserved for clerics) but I can’t take any Channel Energy-related feats.

pathfinder kingmaker romance valerie

I would like to reiterate that, despite these flaws, this game is absolutely incredible, and I find it a terrible injustice that so many people are complaining about the bugs and failing to recognize the extraordinary accomplishment this game is.

This game is the true heir to the Infinity Engine classics. Pillars of Eternity, Divinity, Tyranny, Neverwinter Nights; these are all good games. They are not Kingmaker. This game is amazing and I hope it will be the first in a series of Pathfinder Adventure Path CRPG adaptations. Also its pathfinder kingmaker romance is great.

In short, if you like this genre, you’re going to love this game. If you are unfamiliar with this genre, you’re going to hit a brick wall of a learning curve. If you’re willing to climb that brick wall, you will be handsomely rewarded.

Update on Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance

As of patch 10b, hospitaler paladins can now use selective channeling. Also the “double-dipping” and general difficulty issues have been addressed. Go Owlcat!

Another update on Pathfinder Kingmaker Romance Options

Loading times have been radically improved. They’re not perfect, but they’re bearable. The game operates nearly entirely bug-free at this time. There is also now a robust modding community with most available here. 

Many features that I would have loved to see in the base game like item crafting, faster movement speed, and even some additional classes, are now available via installing mods. The game’s only getting better with age, so my enjoyment’s even greater than when I first wrote this review.

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