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Happy Wheels Unblocked is a physics engine procedural animation-platform based game which was developed and published by The American Studio Fancy Force. Happy wheels were created by Jim Bonacci who is a video game designer made in 2010.

Happy Wheels is best known due to its graphic violence and user-generated content. The name “Happy Wheels” is chosen for a prepared racer and the game includes such characters as a businessman on a Segway (personal transporter).

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The goal of the game Happy Wheels Unblocked also differs depending on the level. On some levels, we have to collect tokens or we have to reach the finish line. Users have noted that Happy Wheels exhibits graphic violence like the breakdown of bones, loss of limbs and animated blood loss.

Happy Wheels Unblocked features a level editor in which we can edit the levels on our own perception, choice and can create custom levels of our own. Happy Wheels shows the importance of gravity on earth plus the creator Jim Bonacci was inspired by ragdoll physics-based games in the browser community and industry. He started working on Happy Wheels in 2006.

The full version of Happy Wheels is only available on Bonacci’s official website and demo version are licensed to other websites. These demo versions only include selective characters and featured maps.

There are approximately 5 million players of Happy Wheels Unblocked. Users really enjoy the game and Happy Wheels is the best for children who are addicted to race, bikes, and rides. The game can only be played on iOS and the released date of the Android version is still unannounced. Happy Wheels Unblocked always received positive reviews due to which it is really popular and famous.

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Play online amazing game Happy Wheels Unblocked.

The aggregate score of Happy Wheels in iOS is 73 out of 100. In August 2015 Happy Wheels was released for iOS as a free download through the app store. The characters present in happy wheels include a man in a wheelchair, a pogo stick man, a couple on a mope, lawnmower man, and even a Santa Claus.

Your challenge is to compete for several levels, overcome deadly obstacles and lose a few limbs as possible. After all, now it’s your time to play this amazing game and enjoy its new features and much more.

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happy wheels unblocked full game

Happy wheels is ark sense of humor, violent graphics and fun gameplay. In this bloody game, you will see many blood and guts. You can start the game by choosing your character and game environment. Then, you are ready to experience this excited adventure. Your mission in the game is to go far across each level alive.

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Happy Wheels Full Version Game Controls

  • Shift + Ctrl + z to eject – Secondery actions
  • Space = Primary action – after ejecting: grab
  • Left arrow (<- ) = Lean Back
  • Right arrow (->) = Lean forward
  • Down arrow = Decelerate
  • Up Arrow = Accelerate

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You know how over the top and violent the new Mortal Kombat games are? Well, that is probably the best comparison for the gore that Happy Wheels offers you! Actually, while you have a “goal” having your character get horribly dismembered is the main part of the fun. You take a jump that is too high, well that can be a broken then severed leg, you hit your head of the roof…. You are dead.

There are a million ways on each level that you can get hurt or die and each one is as bloody as you can imagine. While this is very gory and over the top, some folks may find it a little in poor taste so Happy Wheels might not be the kind of game you want you 8 year old playing so keep that in mind.

  • It is full of blood!
  • Fun physics based racing action
  • The deaths are hilarious
  • Requires more skill than you would think
  • Blood may be a little off-putting for some
  • Not a lot of substance here

happy wheels happy wheels full game unblocked

The complete version of Happy Wheels is available on the original website. However, demo versions are available on several other websites. These demo versions only have select characters and featured maps, making it a sort of incomplete experience for any gamer.

To complete the missions in the unblock happy wheels, all you need is good timing and patience. One of the most exclusive features of the game is that the game allows you to create new terrains and adjust the level of difficulty, a feature that is quite handy when you actually get to playing.

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By reading this article, it might seem a very easy task for most but the real challenges come up as soon as the game progresses. Trying to drive through harpoon guns and spinning blades that fire at you incessantly, each level will require all your blood and sweat, without which is apparently not possible to compete.

For some levels that are insanely hard, most gamers play them countless times so as to progress further. At one point, you might want to quit the game but the slight progression is what keeps you coming back for more.

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