Find and Remove Duplicates in Google Contacts Easily

This article will show you how to find and remove or merge Google Contacts duplicates. Provided by Google, Google Contacts is a free, web-based contact manager.

As with other contact management tools, it’s common to have duplicate contacts in Google Contacts. How to quickly clean up duplicate contacts? There are two common ways to do this. Use the built-in Merge & fix feature. Or, use a third-party solution.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

Method 1. Merge or remove Google Contacts duplicates with Merge & fix

Step 1. On your web browser, visit

Step 2. Sign in using your Google account.

Step 3.At the top of the sidebar on the left, click Merge & fix.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

Step 4. It will immediately identify and list the Google Contacts duplicates on the right side of the page.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

Step 5. There are multiple ways to deal with duplicates in Google Contacts.

  • Click Merge all to merge all of the duplicate contact entries.
  • Click Merge to merge the duplicate entries for a specific contact.
  • Ignore a group of duplicates by clicking Dismiss.
  • Click a contact and edit or delete it based on your need.


If you have applied the Dismiss action to a specific group of duplicate contacts, this group will always be ignored.

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Method 2. Merge or delete Google Contacts duplicates with ContactsMate

You can also use third-party contact management app Cisdem ContactsMate to find and remove Google Contacts duplicates. This macOS-only app is more versatile, providing useful contact management solutions including deduplication.

Step 1. Download ContactsMate from its official download link. Install it. When you open it for the first time, it will ask for access to the Mac Contacts app. Click OK.

Step 2. In this app, click Add Account.

Step 3. Select Google. And sign in to it.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

Step 4. In the new window that appears, select Contacts and click Done.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

Step 5. Exit ContactsMate and open it again. You should find the Google group in the left sidebar.

Step 6. Select Google group and click Scan from the toolbar.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

Step 7. In the Conflict Resolution window, select a contact in under the Exact Duplicate Contacts section, select Merge as the solution and click Fix All.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

Step 8. As for other types of duplicate contacts, select a contact and then choose a desired solution. Click Fix or Fix All to remove duplicates.

Step 9. Google Contacts will automatically detect and sync the changes. The duplicate contacts in the cloud will also be removed immediately.

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Tip for Removing Duplicates in Google Contacts

Before you click the Scan button to look for duplicates in Google Contacts, you can configure settings.

Duplicates in Google Contacts

In the Preferences window, you can tell this app to search for or ignore certain types of duplicate contacts.

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Cisdem ContactsMate

  • Can be used with contacts from sources like Google, Mac’s Contacts app, iCloud, Exchange, etc.
  • Remove duplicate contacts from supported sources
  • Let you view and handle duplicates by specific types such as Exact Duplicate Contacts, Duplicate Name, etc.
  • Also allow you to view, search, edit, organize, share and sync contacts with ease
  • Directly export or convert contacts to up to 8 formats
  • Import contacts from VCF and CSV
  • Enable you to quickly back up and restore contacts
  • Compatible with macOS 10.11 and later

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It’s easy for people to have duplicate contacts in their Google Contacts list. Some of them are exact duplicate entries. Some of them are partial duplicates. Removing duplicates will make it more efficient to browse and search contacts.

The two methods to remove Google Contacts duplicates are easy to use. The app used in the second method is powerful and easy to use. If you have lots of contacts to manage, this app is worth checking out.

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