Best Small Business Apps for Daily Usage

Small Business App : When you run a small business, you’re often pulled in several directions all at once. Not only are you in charge of everyday operations, but you must handle payroll, employee issues, and anything else that pops up.

If the demands on your time feel overwhelming, take heart: There are thousands of productivity apps (Small Business App) out there that can help you do everything from keeping a neat to-do list to delegate tasks to employees and stay on top of your business expenses.

Small Business App

These top mobile and web Small Business App can get you organized, connected and visible – and they will likely contribute to your success.

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Small Business App

1) Evernote

Ever had a great idea while flying cross-country? Evernote is an app that makes sure users “Remember Everything.” By allowing users to store, organize and share text, photos, and voice notes, entrepreneurs can easily keep track of all of their brilliant ideas. The popular app has secured $166 million in funding and acquired web startups Skitch and Penultimate to add to their growing list of features.

2) Brief

“Brief is a team collaboration tool” enabling team members to prioritize and focus on important tasks while minimizing distractions. Brief is a productivity app that helps you focus your day to achieve more professionally and personally. Its clean, minimalist dashboard combines team chat, video, hubs, to do lists, file sharing and storage helping you action priorities that drive the most impact.

Brief consolidates the most effective features you love about most highly rated messengers and task trackers.

Group and private chats, file sharing of any size, desktop and browser accessibility, superior speed, and guaranteed safety.

Improved task management: Turn any message into a task with one click. Don’t waste time copy-pasting. Set a task instantly and share it with your team.

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Helicopter view: Create “hubs” centralize, sort, and prioritize tasks depending on your needs and goals. This helps teams focus on critical tasks first and allows stakeholders to minimize time spent assessing progress.

Ultimate ease: Eliminate the learning curve required by most project management tools. Brief features intuitive design that makes using it just about as simple as your basic messenger.

3) Google Drive

Building on Google Docs, Google’s new Drive app lets users seamlessly port and edit files from PC to tablet to smartphone. Not only is it a fully-featured office suite, the software also acts as a full cloud drive, letting you store any file type via a virtual drive app or a web interface. Google apps is already the top choice for small business webmail, and Google is moving to repeat that success in the cloud storage arena. Oh, and you get a nice 5GB of storage, free.

4) FormMobi

Called a “virtual clipboard,” the FormMobi app lets professionals in the field easily gather and distribute data on any mobile device. The app has robust functionality and is a solid tool for filling forms on-the-go. Some features include the ability to record audio, take pictures, collect signatures, and create CAD-quality sketches. Built by a team with 26 years of workflow software experience, FormMobi is making the clipboard digital and easy to use.

5) Bump

Bump is a revolutionary networking app that allows entrepreneurs to ditch traditional business cards in favor of virtual ones. Users can trade contact information, photos, and files by simply “bumping” two smartphones together. Since its inception in 2008, the app has garnered over 8 million monthly users and 27 million downloads.


As Small Business Apps become more prevalent and more powerful, entrepreneurs and small business owners are relying on these savvy tools to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly.

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