Top Netflix Shows that you need to watch NOW

There are several shows on Netflix that are currently trending or have been extremely popular in the past couple of months. If you are looking for a good binge-worthy series you are at the right place.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences and what may be really good for me, might be quite boring for others. Either way, I’m going to list some of the most popular and some of the Top Netflix Shows.

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1. Lost: 

A plane crashes on a mysterious island. The journey of the 48 survivors is damn thrilling. A must watch (Was available on Amazon Prime but it seems to have got Lost now!!!) – ImdB – 8.3

2. Sacred Games:

Well I think there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about this one it is Top Netflix Shows. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the funny yet dangerous gangster who has multiple shades and the upright police inspector played to perfection by Saif Ali Khan are a treat to watch. ( Available on Netflix -2 seasons) – ImdB – 8.7

3. Suits:

A legal drama regarding a law firm dealing with corporate cases is much more interesting than it sounds and is one of the Top Netflix Shows. The episodes are just too thrilling for you to watch one and stop. You will be bound to binge watch this one. Also the now Duchess of Sussex, Mrs Meghan Markle plays a very important character, Rachel Zane in the TV cum web series.

(Available on Netflix (8 seasons) and Amazon Prime (9 seasons)) – ImdB – 8.5

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4. Money Heist:

Perhaps the most well planned bank robbery on screen. While it’s a Spanish web series with English audio, the direction and acting are top notch like an American web series. Awaiting its 5th season very badly and is one of the Top Netflix Shows.

(Available on Netflix – 4 seasons) – ImdB – 8.4

5. Sherlock:

The great Benedict Cumberbatch plays the titular character and perhaps nobody has done such justice to this character. The episodes are a treat for your brain. Throughout you keep admiring the genius of the lead character. Very intelligently made.

(Available on Netflix – 4 seasons) – ImdB – 9.1

6. Designated Survivor:

For those interested in political dramas, this one is perhaps the leader of that genre. Starring Kiefer Sutherland (the famous Jack Bauer of 24 series fame), this show wonderfully captures the challenges of the most powerful position in the free world: the President of the United States.

How he deals with critical situations along with his remarkable White House team, is a treat to watch. You come to know that power alone is not sufficient to rule. You need a very diversified skill set to be the leader of the free world. It’s simply awesome and is one of the Top Netflix Shows.

(Available on Netflix – 3 seasons) – ImdB – 7.5

7. You:

Well a disclaimer beforehand. This one is very very dark. Its a psychological crime thriller regarding perhaps the most good looking and non threatening serial killer in TV and web series history. It’s a riveting show where you do not know whether to like the lead character or detest him. Believe me it’s not an easy decision for the viewer and is one of the Top Netflix Shows.

(Available on Netflix – 2 seasons) – ImdB – 7.8

8. Arrow:

If you love superheroes, you will enjoy this one. Its the journey of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) from being a spoilt playboy billionaire to a hero saving his City by becoming a vigilante named as Green Arrow.

The action scenes are damn thrilling, with a great background score which thrills like anything. The camaredie among Team Arrow (a group of vigilantes working against crime in Starling City) is also real interesting as is the backstory of Oliver Queen’s 5 year struggle on an island named Lian Yiu and is one of the Top Netflix Shows.

(Available on Disney Hotstar (8 seasons) and Netflix (7 seasons))

9. Dark: 

A German web series with English audio. If you are someone who is more into brainy serials than high octane action or dramatic web series, you will love this one. The plot is as twisted and complicated as a labyrinth with multiple timelines, multiple worlds, God’s particle, varying time machines, caves opening to another timeline…..this series has every damn thing possible which will rattle your mind and is one of the Top Netflix Shows.

For those who thought Incepton was a cool mov series will blow away your mind. No two people can understand this series in the same manner as it’s open to multiple interpretations.

As for the name Dark, well another warning: it is a bit too dark out there. Also you may need a pen and paper with you to watch the series and make notes…ya it’s much more complex than quantum mechanics or space technology. You will feel someone is testing your IQ, while watching this one.

(Available on Netflix – 3 seasons) – ImdB – 8.8

10. How To Get Away With Murder: 

Its another legal drama but unlike Suits, this one deals with criminal cases especially related to murder. Annalise Keating, a criminal defense lawyer as well as a college professor is the lead character who teaches her students how to defend a murder accused.

She also gets into unforeseen circumstances along with her favourite 5 students, where themselves become murder suspects on multiple occasions.

The screenplay is extremely fast-paced where-in the personal lives and the professional lives of the law professor and her students get intertwined and they are forced to support and save each other from ugly situations. I loved this web-series as it gives a whole new perspective to think from the point of view of a criminal lawyer defending murder suspects and is one of the Top Netflix Shows.

(Available on Netflix – 5 seasons (6th has been released but not currently streaming on Netflix India) – ImdB – 8.1

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Netflix is still number one for TV among the streaming services in the US – mostly through volume rather than consistency. While HBO Max offers a roster of acclaimed dramas and comedies, Netflix’s vast range of originals means there’s always something new landing on the streamer. This means the quality of these shows is wildly unpredictable – but it also means that it inevitably releases a great new series every couple of months. We’re here to help you get the most from the service.

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