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Vortex mod manager is a massive open-source mod manager that allows you to download, install and manage different mods for your games with an easy to use interface. It supports quite many games and is available for download on Windows 7, 8 and 10 along with support for Windows XP as well.

What is the Vortex Mod Manager?

The vortex mod manager is the latest manager from Nexus Mods. This newer manager is an upgrade from their older manager called the Nexus Mod Manager which became quite famous among developers.
This mod manager does everything from downloading and installing the mods as well as managing your game mods and keeping them in one place. It supports multiple games, with an easy to use user interface and close integration with nexus mods allowing you to find, download and install mods with ease. So let’s get started

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Downloading and Installing Vortex

  1. To get started with vortex, head over to the website www.nexusmods.com and register yourself or login to an existing account. They offer both premium and free memberships. After you register yourself, log in and download the vortex mod manager.Downloading Vortex Mod Manager
    This application can work for all kinds of mods, the ones that you download from nexus mods (recommended) and ones you download from some other sources. Although due to its close integration, it works best with nexus mods.


The Vortex interface is pretty straight forward.  But before we move on, we need to log into the  Vortex desktop application. The easier way to do it is to log in first on your default browser and then log in to the Vortex.

Vortex Mod Manager
Log in on the default browser and sync it with the vortex app.

Vortex provides you with an interactive interface providing you with quick link buttons on your main screen, and all the panels you see can easily be arranged the way you want them to.

Vortex Mod Manager
Interactive Layout.

Changing the Paths

Before we start installing the mods, we need our mod manager to manage our games by changing the paths of games and mods. Some mods can only be deployed if the game and mods share the same drive.
Once you have set the directory of mods in the same drive as your games, you should see the option of  Hardlink Deployment, make sure that it is selected.

  1.  Navigate to Settings>Vortex. Here you will see the option to set Multi-User mode giving you the option of  Per-User or Shared. As their name suggests, Per-user will give each user account on the computer his preferences of mods and settings while under the shared mode, preferences remain the same for all the users.Multi-User Options
  2. Since the game we will be modding for this tutorial is Skyrim Special Edition we have to change the  Base Path to the same drive as our game.Changing the mods directory to the same drive as games.
  3. After you set the  Base Path you will observe that Download Path and Install Path use the same directory as Base Path.
  4. Once you have set the directory properly, you should see the option of  Hardlink Deployment.  Make sure that it is selected.Hardlink Deployment selected

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Installing the Mods

  1. First, we need to set the Vortex to handle Nexus Links. You can easily do so by clicking on the blue button or by going to the    Settings>Download and check the handle for Download with Manager.On the main screen.
    Changing the settings from download
  2. For this tutorial, we are adding a new map style to the Skyrim Special Edition called Classic with All Roads. Head over to the following link
    Skyrim Special Edition Mods
    This will land on the Quality  World Map page. Under the “File” tab, download the map mod.

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All-in-one program

Nexus Mods is a popular website that allows players and fans to upload and download modifications or “mods” of video games, which are mostly of the PC platform. An online source for the distribution of original mod content, it’s one of the largest gaming mod sites on the web. Due to the large collection of games and their large library of mods, these games will usually specifically have their mod manager programs to make modding easier for everyone. 

However, it can be pretty tough to design an all-in-one mod manager for all of Nexus Mods itself. Mod Organizer and Mod Organizer 2 still proved that to be a possibility, though, despite the small number of games it supports. A step-up from Nexus Mod Manager, the site’s original program for mod managing, Vortex comes with upgraded features that are perfect for Nexus Mods users. 

First, it supports over 65 different popular games. Second, it seamlessly interacts with Nexus Mods, so can you easily find and get mods and even see the latest mod news. It has a built-in auto-sorting system for your load order and any mod conflicts. You can also create independent and custom mod profiles. From extensions to plugins, all your modding tools can easily be accessed via Vortex’s user-friendly interface. It’s Nexus Mods’ official manager, and it is a recommended program to have if you’re a heavy mod user.

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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Auto-sorting mod system
  • Supports over 65 games
  • Integrated with Nexus Mods


  • Bit of a steep learning curve if this isn’t your first manager

Vortex Mod Manager Frozen and Unresponsive

Hey everyone! Forgive me if this has been posted before. I couldn’t find anything similar. I opened Vortex and it updated to the latest version of 1.3.22. After the update, it has become frozen and unresponsive every time I open the program. Nothing works. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting the PC. So far nothing works. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Vortex Alternatives

Vortex is described as ‘is the new, modern mod manager from Nexus Mods’. There are six alternatives to Vortex for Windows and the Web. The best alternative is Nexus Mods, which is free.

Other great apps like Vortex are OpenIV (Free), Mod Organizer (Free, Open Source), Mod Organizer 2 (Free, Open Source) Mod Organizer (MO) is a tool for managing mod collections of arbitrary size. It is specifically designed for people who like to experiment with mods and thus need an easy and reliable way to install and uninstall them and Kortex Mod Manager (Free, Open Source).

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